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Lock and Load Cap
Lock and Load Cap with fluro green logo. (FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA)
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Thermal Rigging Gloves
Warm and comfortable for outdoors or harsh conditions. Teflon fingers ensure you'll never have to worry about cutting through these gloves whilst at work. Quality gloves are hard to find here in Australia and these are very warm and comfortable.     (FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA)
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Ultimate Trade Shirt
Super Comfortable Day/Night reflective work shirt made to fit the Aussie male with two pockets on the chest, covered button panel, longer sleeves and more length in the body. Stay safe and visible during work and play.  (FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA)
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Ultimate Trade Hoodie
Warm and comfortable hoodie with fleecy inner lining, large front pocket and warm hood. Bright safety colours for site work and reflective tape for night activities. Made to fit the Aussie male.  (FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA)
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Ultimate 4-in-1 Jacket
Made to fit the Aussie Male. Day/Night reflective with a large front pocket for large phone and a zip in the arm for valuables. The inner collar is designed to prevent water from dripping down your neck. A warm hood, elastic waist and the sleeves and hood are removable.   (FREE SHIPPING...
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Riggers Gloves- RW19
These super comfortable soft leather gloves are perfect for protecting your hands when working with steel, wood, or gardening. The gloves have a protective permanently stitched palm protector and velcro strap to tighten as needed.
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Buy 2, GET 1 FREE on the Lock And Load Transport ULTIMATE TRADE Wear RANGE

Tradie Workwear 

Construction, manufacturing, mining, and other industrial fields, have come a long way in developing appropriate clothing for the job.

Long gone are the days when most workers simply wear an old pair of jeans and a flannel. Today’s tradie workwear has to perform well in order to meet the same standards as those that wear it.

Tradie workwear for both men and women has to enhance safety and comfort while also exceeding expectations in durability. 

Our tradie clothing and accessories feature rugged designs and materials tested against Australia’s toughest extremes of weather and temperature.

Clothing and Accessories for Safety and Comfort

Our trade shirts, hoodies, and jackets come in the same bright blaze orange shade that hunters use to stay safe in the forest. They also carry specially crafted silver reflective bands for maximum visibility in night or overcast conditions.

The four in one jacket offers all that a worker or a tradie will need for a cold day on the job. An inner collar protects the torso during driving rainstorms. For less severe conditions, the hoods, elastic waistband, and even sleeves come off. 

We also sell a number of accessories that round out your workwear. Our thermal rigging gloves are lined with Teflon to prevent accidents, especially with sharp materials. They also keep hands safe from frostbite in conditions of extreme cold. 

Additionally, we sell special riggers’ gloves to protect your hands during heavy-duty work, such as when working with steel, wood, or other materials that can damage hands. 

The Lock and Load Difference

Lock and Load Transport features clothing, tools, and accessories designed in Australia, by Australians, for our country's harsh conditions. Whether working on a New South Wales dock, a Western Australia mine, or anywhere in between, Lock and Load has what you need to get the job done.

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