Track Car-Tarmac Rallying

This system is suitable for vehicles that have a minimum 50mm ground clearance and minimum 330mm distance to the front of the trailer. You need room to use the ratchet system. If you do not have 330mm clearance to the front, you can run the strap backwards with the idler at the rear of the tyre, utilising the idler system which will allow the strap to turn 15-20 degrees.

To ensure all 4 wheels are secure you would need to purchase a suitable system. The most popular kit is the RW12 kit which includes 6 E-track Plates, 2 twin idlers and and 2 straps 3.65m long. You would also need a set of RW06 retractable ratchets to secure the rear of the vehicle. We have put these 2 products together at a discounted rate. Click here RW22  to add this to your cart.

For installation videos please click here.

Alternatively, you may wish to use an adjustable system. RW23 is compatible with lowered vehicles. 

RW23 & RW06 complete this option.

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