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Ratchet Strap products almost sold out!!
Ratchet Strap products almost sold out!!

Installation Guide


Whilst we can provide installation images using our own vehicle collection,  it is vital that the placement/position of our products - particularly the Wheel Chocks, is relevant to your vehicle and trailer setup. We use grade 8.8 high tensile bolts with nylock nuts or spring washers- and the length of the bolt is determined by the trailer floor plate thickness.

The Code Of Practice 'Building Small Trailers' identifies the correct formulas and guidelines to follow. Please click on the link below to ensure your vehicle is positioned correctly on your trailer.

In addition the National Transport Commission Load restraint guide 2018 will provide you with the correct information regarding your load restraint requirements.


Installation Examples

Please note: these images are intended as an example only. Please visit the link above to view full requirements for securing your load.

Wheel Chock Kit

E-Track Kit for lowered cars 

Wheel chock and E -Track combo 






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