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Ratchet Strap products almost sold out!!
Ratchet Strap products almost sold out!!

About Us

Lock and Load Transport is committed to providing a range of innovative, safer, quality transport restraint products that our customers can use with confidence.

At the heart of Lock and Load Transport, there is a family who enjoys car rallying, footy, canyoning, boating, fishing, and recreational sports. To participate in these activities there has to be an element of fun but at all times SAFETY.

At the end of every day we want to make sure we are safe, healthy and happy. Using safe products, quality products and being educated in their correct use is paramount to achieving this.


At Lock and Load Transport we are committed to bringing innovative quality products to the market.

Innovations such as fluorescent and reflective stitching for night use, retractable tie downs to prevent unravelling, comfortable yet cut resistant safety gloves, and many more safety-oriented products.

We have developed five new vehicle tie down kits over the past 12 months with multiple set up options to suit almost every vehicle situation. Designed for standard vehicle and lowered vehicles we offer solutions for everyone.  We even offer custom straps and kits as well as spare parts or extra parts if they are needed.

We believe that there are too many cheap and nasty products on the market. We want our customers to know that cheap products generally offer poor quality and often cause unexpected damage to their assets. At Lock and Load Transport we are continuing to educate our customers by showing them how to create longevity of their assets by using our quality product range. 

Being major suppliers to many professional racing teams & events including V8 supercars - Brad Jones Racing, Brendan Reeves Rally Team, Lee Partridge, Alpine Rally, & more should give our customers 100% confidence in our products.

With supporting documents showing correct installation and operational procedures we know our customers will have the best experience possible using our products.


Our vision is to see Lock and Load Products being used by the home handyman taking his rubbish to the tip, right through to the professional racing team who know that their assets are safe, secure and tied down properly. Getting to your destination – even if it is the tip, with your freight intact is vital.

Our products are built to a standard, not a budget. At Lock and Load Transport, your safety, your assets and your family is our incentive to provide the best quality products that we can.

At Lock and Load Transport we want to make sure you, our customer, has the best experience possible using our products. We guarantee to sell you quality products which will be delivered on time with low or no shipping fees.

We want you to be as excited about our products as we are, and help build a culture of safety throughout our community and industry.

Be healthy, be intentional, be involved and be safe. Enjoy life knowing you have your quality Lock and Load Transport products for all situations.

Check out our product range today.

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