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ATV/Quad Bike/Go Kart/Lawn Mower/4WD- mix n match range

To ensure all 4 wheels are secure you would need to purchase a suitable system. We have designed kits and our mix n match range to allow you to choose the best system for your vehicle set up. 

You can use a pre-made kit RW05 or RW12 

OR choose from the following mix n match range:

RW25 -Wheel Chock Plates x 2 

RW42- E-Track Plates x 2 

& depending on the wheel size you can use the following straps:

RW32 3.65m straps x 1 (straps are sold individually)

RW48 2.5m Straps x 2

RW35 1.8m Straps x 2

This vehicle is using the Wheel Chock plates with RW32 3.65m straps front and back. (2 x RW25 + 4x RW32) =4x chocks & 4x straps

 This vehicle is using the E-Track plates with RW32 3.65m Straps front and back. RW12 kit +1x RW42 + 2x RW32 = 8 E-Track plates & 4 straps


 This vehicle is using a combination of both styles. He has wheel chocks on the front and E-tracks on the back. RW05 kit + RW12 kit 


And another with the same idea.

 This vehicle is using RW05 front and back. RW05 x 2 kits.

This vehicle is using the RW42 E-track plates with RW35 1.8m straps to suit his trailer base. He is also strapping down his spares using our RW06 retractable ratchets


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